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OS X 10.8 Security & Applescripts - "unidentified developer"
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OS X 10.8 Security & Applescripts - "unidentified developer"

Mountain Lion 10.8 Security & Applescripts

It looks like Mountain Lion's default security setting affects applescripts saved as ".app", resulting in the "this cannot be opened because your security settings do not allow you to open applications from an unidentified developer." dialog box. I used the control-click > open option to run the ".app" file anyway and received an "OSStatus Error -67049" error message.

Here are the settings available to users of Mountain Lion:

     Allow applications downloaded from:

     Mac App Store
   • Mac App Store and identified developers

1. How does one obtain an "identified developer" certificate?
2. Once you get this certificate, how do you sign your applescripts with them in order for them to properly register with Apple?
3. I've only seen this "unidentified developer" message on the "Mac App Store and identified developers" setting above. What happens to applescripts ".scpt" and ".app" etc. if only "Mac App Store" is selected above?
4. To share applescripts with other users of Mountain Lion, will applescripters have to register as an "identified developer" to share their scripts (assuming most of these users have the default settings set in Mountain Lion)?


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