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Re: How to make BLE app work on background of iPhone4S
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Re: How to make BLE app work on background of iPhone4S

Hi Sean,

There are two modes of backgrounding for Apps that use CoreBluetooth: Event and Session.

Event Backgrounding
Event backgrounding is probably what most Apps will use when interacting with Bluetooth Low Energy devices.  This mode does not allow for direct communications to the accessory when the App is in the background, but does provide for a notification from the accessory when it wants to communicate with the app.  iOS will stay connected to the BTLE accessory when your App is in the background and will continue to monitor for notifications.  When the connected BTLE accessory has a notification available, iOS will notify the user that the accessory would like to talk to your App, allowing the user to load your App and interact with the accessory.  As many devices need to conserve power, only providing information at deterministic times will greatly enhance the battery life of the accessory and the iPhone 4S.

- No info.plist entries are required for this mode.

Session Backgrounding
There are times where an App must interact with an accessory even if it is running in the background.  Consider a running app that needs to monitor heart rate real-time.  There is a clear START and STOP to this model.  The user STARTS their run in the App. While the run is active, the App reads heart rate information until the run is completed or STOPED.  Session backgrounding also allows for scanning and connection to BTLE accessories while the App is in the background.  A scanForPeripheralsWithServices or connectPeripheral call will continue, even when the App is in the background.  CoreBluetooth will continue to monitor for specific peripherals or peripherals that match the services your App is looking for and call your Apps delegate when found or connected.  Be mindful, that every time a BTLE peripheral or iPhone 4S uses its radio, it is depleting the respective devices available power.  App developers using session based backgrounding must be mindful of power usage.

- Session backgrounding requires a backgrounding mode entry to UIBackgroundModes, bluetooth-central, in your Apps info.plist.

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 >How to make BLE app work on background of iPhone4S (From: Sean <email@hidden>)

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