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Re: CORBA with Mac OS X
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Re: CORBA with Mac OS X


Just to let you know we have ORBit working on Mac OS X. We are not trying, yet, to make it work with Objective-C so I cant answer your other questions. Our plans are to move to omniORB for our clients, echoing what someone else said it appears to be a superior ORB. WRT ORBit we are only using the C and Python bindings on OS X. We have used Java bindings on Linux. We have not had any significant problems (other than ORBit (1.x) is not multi-threaded and 2.x is not ready for prime time).

At 2:08 PM -0700 10/19/01, David Sinclair wrote:

I am therefore researching the possibility of using CORBA under Mac OS X. From what I've found so far, it appears that Mac OS X has CORBA support built in to Java with Apple's Project Builder. Also, it seems that there are two ORBs available for Mac OS X: "mico" and "ORBit". I also found JBuilder from Borland, that also supports CORBA via Java.

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