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jar in .app bundle?
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jar in .app bundle?

I am writing an Obj-C app which uses Java classes. I need to distribute jar files with the app. In order for the app to see the jar file, where in the app's bundle should the jar files go, and what application settings should be set?

In PB's application settings I currently have:


I was guessing that NSJavaRoot is relative to the app's bundle and I could just put my jar files into or

However the only way I can get the app to see the jar files is setting NSJavaRoot to the absolute path on the filesystem which contains the jar files- obviously that won't work for distribution.

Also, I have noticed that the utility "Applet Launcher" has the following in it's Info.plist:

<string>$JAVAROOT/Applet Launcher.jar</string>

Where are these dictionary structures documented?

I am also curious how people are dealing with their Targets in PB when you have jar files in Obj-C apps?

Anyone know of an existing app with obj-c and jar files I can inspect the bundle and plist file so see how it's done?


Alex Rice <email@hidden>
Mindlube Software

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