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Re: NSMutableArray to NSData
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Re: NSMutableArray to NSData

Le dimanche 6 janvier 2002, ` 03:45 , email@hidden a icrit :

Hello again.

Quick question: I need to convert NSMutableArray into an NSData object. I am planning to do that my writing the NSMutableArray to a file in /tmp and then reading the contents of the file in the NSData. Finally I will unlink the /tmp file.

This is a pretty stupid approach to solving my problem. Is there anything better out there?

If you just want to encode the array, that is, the pointers, but not the objects themselves, you can use the following code:

@implementation NSArray (dataConversion)

/** Convert to NSData, NOT encoding the including objects (only pointers) */
- (NSData*) convertToData {
unsigned n= [self count];
NSMutableData* data = [NSMutableData dataWithLength: sizeof(unsigned)+
sizeof(id) *n];
unsigned* p = [data mutableBytes];
*p++= n;
[self getObjects:(void*)p];
return data;

/** Reciprocal of convertToData */
+ (NSArray*) arrayWithData:(NSData*) data {
unsigned* p = (unsigned*)[data bytes];
unsigned n = *p++;
return [NSArray arrayWithObjects:(id*)p count:n];


Otherwise use NSArchiver (make sure that all objects in the array conform to NSCoding).

Thomas Lachand-Robert
********************** email@hidden
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 >NSMutableArray to NSData (From: email@hidden)

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