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Re: Applescript error - NSCannotCreateScriptCommandError
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Re: Applescript error - NSCannotCreateScriptCommandError

On Jul 7, 2004, at 3:50 PM, Steve Palmer wrote:

set foo to name of current task

where 'name' is a get method on a task object and 'current task' is a
task object returned by the NSApplication delegate, I'm getting:

2004-07-07 14:41:55.653 Vienna[2183] Error converting apple event to
script command: 10 "NSCannotCreateScriptCommandError"

Unfortunately the source is too long to post here so my question is:
what does this error actually mean?

Does your NSApplication delegate class have an implementation of -objectSpecifier?

Nick Zitzmann
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 >Applescript error - NSCannotCreateScriptCommandError (From: Steve Palmer <email@hidden>)

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