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Re: Collapse / Expand View
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Re: Collapse / Expand View

I recommend checking out SNDisclosableView and its DisclosableView framework from Kurt Revis (, it does exactly what you ask and is dead simple to add support for inside your app where needed. Full details can be found by searching the archive or the accompanying example(s) and doc(s).

- Brian Ganninger
  Lead Software Engineer,
  Infinite Nexus Software

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On Nov 19, 2004, at 6:27 PM, Byron Wright wrote:

Is there a view that I can use that is collapse and expandable like the native "get info" pane from files? I attempted this with a NSTimer and a NSClipView but it seems I would have to manage size change notifications because I am having some redraw issues when altering the height of a NSClipView using setFrameSize. (I call setNeedsDisplay:YES) after. I would like my window to resize accordingly.


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 >Collapse / Expand View (From: Byron Wright <email@hidden>)

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