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Re: NSBezierPath intersection
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Re: NSBezierPath intersection

On Apr 28, 2005, at 4:01 PM, Linea Tessile srl wrote:

Hi people!

Does anybody know how calculate the intersection point between two lines created using an NSBezierPath?


Since NSBezierPath's contain curves, there is no "the intersection point". Even if both are just a single curve (and an NSBezierPath is more like a complex polygon since it can contain multiple "line to"s and "curve to"s, not to mention multiple discontinuous shapes - an entire page of text outlines could be a single NSBezierPath), there still isn't a single interesection point (I can think of a case that gives six points of intersection).

You're best bet is to use bezierPathByFlatteningPath to get a bezier path composed only of straight lines and then do standard line intersection tests between each segment of each of the bezier paths (and yes, this can get real expensive real quick).

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