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Re: launchd and Cocoa apps?
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Re: launchd and Cocoa apps?

Devraj Mukherjee wrote on Monday, July 31, 2006:
>I want to write a Cocoa application that runs as an application.

Most do. Or did you mean to say "daemon?"

>Is it
>possible to use launchd with Cocoa applications or what other ways can
>I make a Cocoa application a daemon?

If you're talking about a regular Cocoa application based on AppKit with a user interface, then the answer is "no." You can't run an application with a user interface as a system daemon.

If you're just talking about an Objective-C application, then the answer is "yes." You can easily create an Objective-C tool that can use much of the Cocoa frameworks (collections, NSConnection, ...) that has no UI and runs happy as a daemon. This is called the Foundation framework and is a subset of the Cocoa framework that you would normally use when creating a GUI application.

There is also something called a "UIElement" application. The app uses AppKit, can present windows and what not, but runs in "stealth mode": It doesn't present an icon in the dock, and it doesn't have a menubar. It's for applications that add some UI goodies, but doesn't appear as an regular application from the user's perspective. These are normally started as Login items, not launchd.

James Bucanek
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