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AFConvert and Core Audio file conversion
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AFConvert and Core Audio file conversion


I really need to manually convert some audio formats in my app from
aiff to a low bit-rate mp3 or aac. I have come across afconvert which
is bundled (along with source) with the developer tools but not
included on a standard OS X install.

This is unfortunate because it seems that it does exactly what I need,
so I had the thought to bundle it inside my app package and use it
from there. I realise I could cobble together the core audio
frameworks to do what I want as well but why reinvent the wheel eh?

Are there any best practices when bundling foundation tools? or event
just information about how I might approach the bundling of a command
line tool like this?


PS. I have checked and from the license at the top of the afconvert
sources, it seems that it would be legal to do this.

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