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Compilation: error on linking libcurl PPC 7.18 on my Cocoa project
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Compilation: error on linking libcurl PPC 7.18 on my Cocoa project


To start portage of winwin project to Mac OS X I need to use the library libcurl 7.18 but the build faild on PPC link.

I downloaded two binaries from
since the page

(Unfortunately, no Universal 7.18 build for moment...).

After, I use lipo to create UB at add this new UB into my project (file command confirm the ppc and i386 architectures).
But on link from xCode, It fail on linking the ppc target.

After basic operations (Clean All, checking Header files) I want to compile my project in PPC only with the downloaded PPC binary... but also not works !

I try all the day, testing the UB 7.16 version by Apple and this great work (but I need to use the 7.18).

I downloaded the source of 7.18 and make compilation with added gcc option -arch ppc to make (and confirm by file command) the ppc binary but It always fail...

What omit ? Where can search ? Thanks a lot everybody.

Test files

Michaël Parrot.


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