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Re: SBApplication error with iTunes 7.7
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Re: SBApplication error with iTunes 7.7

Thanks has, your help is always appreciated, always enlightening. In
fact I think you just solved my main problem as well, which was
related to iTunes 7.7 artwork retrieval always returning nil on some
systems. I will switch to appscript now, and really should have done
it a long time ago. Can't rely on something as unpredictable as SB.

Thanks again.

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 6:47 PM, Hengist Podd <email@hidden> wrote:
> Fabian wrote:
>> I have an app that interacts with iTunes via Scripting Bridge. After
>> upgrading to iTunes 7.7 I get this error message every time I call
>> [SBApplication applicationWithBundleIdentifier:""].
>> The message is: 'unknown type name "tdta".'
>> [...]
>> Does anyone know what this means, maybe even how to solve it?
> It's a warning, not an error. It occurs because Scripting Bridge was
> designed without much regard to the way that scriptable applications - both
> third-party and Apple's own - actually work in the real world. In this case,
> iTunes 7.7's dictionary has added a new 'raw data' property to its 'artwork'
> class. Its type is declared as typeData ('tdta'; see AERegistry.h). This
> particular type doesn't have a human-readable AppleScript-style keyword
> defined for it - a bit human-unfriendly, perhaps, but completely legitimate.
> AppleScript, and other bridges and tools which follow AppleScript's lead
> couldn't care less about this; it's just Scripting Bridge that complains
> because it naively assumes that all application dictionaries are perfectly
> formed according to sdef specs and 100% complete and accurate. Which, in
> practice, they frequently aren't.
> Options:
> 1. Ignore the warning.
> 2. File a feature request on iTunes, asking for a hidden 'tdta' type
> definition to be added to its dictionary in order to provide iTunes users
> with a nice, human-readable keyword.
> 3. File a feature request on AppleScript, asking for a 'tdta' type
> definition to be added to its dictionary in order to provide *everyone* with
> a nice, human-readable keyword.
> 4. Use objc-appscript instead of Scripting Bridge. Appscript's designed to
> behave as much like AppleScript as possible, ensuring maximum compatibility
> with existing scriptable applications and minimal fuss.
> has
> --
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