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Re: libauto: what's "agc error: Can not allocate new region"
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Re: libauto: what's "agc error: Can not allocate new region"

On Dec 2, 2009, at 7:27 AM, Sean McBride wrote:
> I'm stress testing a 64 bit GC app with AUTO_USE_GUARDS and left it
> running overnight.  This morning it's crashed here:
> #0	0x7fff879390da in objc_exception_throw
> #1	0x7fff83c4a18e in _NSOutOfMemoryErrorHandler
> #2	0x7fff835046f9 in __CFStringHandleOutOfMemory
> #3	0x7fff834231c4 in __CFStringChangeSizeMultiple
> #4	0x7fff834305f5 in __CFStringAppendBytes
> ...
> With the following messages in console:
> malloc: *** auto malloc[53727]: agc error: Can not allocate new region
> How does a 64 bit app fail to allocate memory?  For my process, Activity
> Monitor shows "real" at 2.2 GB and "Virtual" at 200 MB.  My physical
> memory is not even exhausted.

The 64-bit garbage collector reserves a 32 GB heap and will not expand it further. If you allocate more than 32 GB you'll run out of memory.

Another possibility is a bug in AUTO_USE_GUARDS.

Greg Parker     email@hidden     Runtime Wrangler


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