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Custom UIView and Interface Builder
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Custom UIView and Interface Builder

My problem is this. I need to build a rather complex UIView with lot's of labels and widgets, but much of the information to be displayed is not now until runtime, and some data might not be available. In the case data is not available, i need the label to disappear, not just hide. For instance, let's say i have a section which can contain up to three labels:
[[Label A] [Label B] [Label C]]
In the best scenario, on runtime i will have all the data to fill the three label programmatically, but life is not always that nice, and then i could just not get data to fill Label B, in which case i to "print" out just Label A and Label C, centered in the same section,
[ [Label A] [Label C] ]
that's why hidden the label will not do the trick (because even hidden, the label will be there claiming screen real state.
Actually, the entire section might need to be "erased".
I do know this seems like a damn RTFM question, but i do read quite a few manuals (books) and i have found nothing. I do have found [this discussion][0] and i wonder if anyone could help me to find how to control my xib (nib) in order to publish labels on demand.


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