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app crashing, some errors in console are related to drawing of UI elements
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app crashing, some errors in console are related to drawing of UI elements

The app sometime (not always) crashes when run on Leopard OS (32-bit) on an old mac mini. On Leopard (64-bit) and Snow Leopard, the crash never happens.
The app is GC enabled.

I'm running a separate thread to do some processing, and it does update a few text fields and a progress bar on the main window.
The updating of these text fields is done by calling a method (updateTreeProgress:) on main thread using performSelectorOnMainThread: (waitUntilDone: YES) and passing it an NSMutableDIctionary, the method on main thread then picks values from the dictionary and updates the text fields and the progress bar.
I have a NSLog at the beginning of this method.
But after its called once, and about to be called second time (an NSLog tells me its about to be called using performSelectorOnMainThread:), the NSLog at the very beginning of this method doesn't get printed on console.

However, there are other console msgs, that are shown below:

1. updateTreeProgress: called (first time called, only sets min and max value of a progress bar and doesn't sets the text fields)
2. <Error>: CGContextSetFillColorWithColor: invalid context
3. other NSLog msgs
4. <Error>: CGContextSetTextMatrix: invalid context
5. <Error>: CGContextSetFont: invalid context
6. <Error>: CGContextSetFontSize: invalid context
7. <Error>: CGContextGetShouldSmoothFonts: invalid context
8. <Error>: CGContextSetFontRenderingStyle: invalid context
9. <Error>: CGContextSetFillColorWithColor: invalid context
10. <Error>: CGContextSetStrokeColorWithColor: invalid context
11. <Error>: CGContextSetTextPosition: invalid context
12. <Error>: CGContextShowGlyphsWithAdvances: invalid context
13. <Error>: CGContextSetTextPosition: invalid context
14. <Error>: CGContextShowGlyphsWithAdvances: invalid context
15. <Error>: CGContextSetTextPosition: invalid context
16. <Error>: CGContextShowGlyphsWithAdvances: invalid context
17. <Error>: CGContextSaveGState: invalid context
18. <Error>: CGContextTranslateCTM: invalid context
19. <Error>: CGContextScaleCTM: invalid context
20. <Error>: CGContextConvertSizeToDeviceSpace: invalid context
21. <Error>: CGContextConvertSizeToDeviceSpace: invalid context
22. <Error>: CGContextGetCTM: invalid context
23. <Error>: CGContextGetAlpha: invalid context
24. <Error>: CGContextSaveGState: invalid context
25. <Error>: CGContextSetAlpha: invalid context
26. <Error>: CGContextGetCompositeOperation: invalid context
27. <Error>: CGContextSetCompositeOperation: invalid context
28. <Error>: CGContextDrawImage: invalid context
29. <Error>: CGContextRestoreGState: invalid context
30. <Error>: CGContextRestoreGState: invalid context
31. <Error>: CGContextConcatCTM: invalid context
32. updateTreeProgress: about to be called using performSelectorOnMainThread: but doesn't get called. and the app crashes here.

There are other NSLog msgs between these msgs.
Also there are similar msgs, as reproduced below, on system log for various system apps which say that ATSServer died
Jun  3 00:30:02 ddlabss-mac-mini /Applications/[1396]: received ATSServer died message.  (old server pid = 3221, new pid = 3285, session ID = 256)

Any insights, comments would be greatly appreciated.



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