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Re: The Gamut of Pantone
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Re: The Gamut of Pantone

Hi Roger,

Don't know if this relates or a parallel.
What exactly is the ICC profile that is installed with Quark's CMS with the name 150-Line (Pantone)?
I recently had a job come through our TR001 plant that was separated to this.

Scott Campbell

Is it possible to get a profile that represents the full gamut of all
Pantone colours, in order to compare to RGB and proofing gamuts ?


David Harradine

Easy. If you have a Lab text file representing all the PANTONE colors you
can open it in Chromix ColorThink and display those colors in 3D. From there
you can do any comparison you want. The trouble is to get to that Lab
PANTONE text file. If you have ProfileMakerPro ColorPicker you're halfway
there. But if you don't and all you have is Photoshop, I don't know a way to
export the Lab values out of Photoshop into a text file. Maybe other list
members know the trick to do this and could share it here?

Roger Breton  |  Laval, Canada  |  email@hidden

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