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Re: Digi MBox not showing up in device list
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Re: Digi MBox not showing up in device list

On Nov 4, 2004, at 8:42 AM, Louis Sinclair wrote:

We've got a G5 running 10.3.5 that has an MBox connected. System preferences sees it, and it's usable as a playback device in QuickTime, etc. but my code does not even find it on the system.
Does the MBox have to be treated as a 'special case'?

Know that you are not alone in your frustration! ;) AFAIK, the M-Box has never been shipped with a CoreAudio-compliant driver, due to various Digidesign "requirements" for compatibility with their existing environment/code structure. If you uninstall the Digi driver, you can download and install a 3rd-party driver demo from <> which does work with the M-Box, so you can see if there might be a problem in your code or with your hardware. You'll need to reboot without the M-Box connected to USB, and hot-connect it to the G5 so the driver can match the device properly; note that this driver will also attempt to control all other USB audio interfaces as well, which may not work if you have interfaces with vendor-specific requirements (USBPre, etc) connected at the same time, unless their drivers can match them first... so make sure to leave them plugged in when you reboot.
Shaun Wexler

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