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Re: Network MIDI protocol spec?
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Re: Network MIDI protocol spec?

> Matthew Xavier Mora <email@hidden> writes:
> Form <>
> Apple uses RTP MIDI as the transport layer for the MIDI Network Driver
> that ships in Mac OS X. See this Sound on Sound magazine article for a
> comprehensive guide to using Apple's MIDI Network Driver. A shorter
> introduction to the topic is presented in this article.

To clarify, the IETF RFCs (RFC 4695 and RFC 4696) that
describe RTP MIDI describe the transport layer (i.e. the
format of the packets that are coding the MIDI stream as
seen on a 5-pin DIN jack) that Apple's Network MIDI Protocol
is known to use.  These IETF RFCs are public documents
(you can download them from links off of the link Matt provided
above to my website).

However, the "session management" layer described in the
IETF RFCs (separate sections for using the IETF session
management protocols SIP and RTSP to set up RTP MIDI
sessions) is not used by Apple's Network MIDI Protocol.
The session management protocol Apple uses in lieu of
SIP and RTSP is what is described in Doug's document.
One needs knowledge of this session management layer
in order to interoperate with Apple's Network MIDI Protocol.

Hope this helps,

John Lazzaro
john [dot] lazzaro [at] gmail [dot] com
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