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Re: Which iOS audio API for reverse audio
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Re: Which iOS audio API for reverse audio

ExtAudioFile for reading and writing audio files, CoreAudio (Remote
I/O in particular) for playing it back. Depending on your needs (ie
time stretching for slowing down audio) some 3rd party libraries may
be helpful as well, for instance

Even if you don't need time stretching DiracLE version comes with an
example project that does varispeed playback in real time (no reverse
though), so you can still learn from (or maybe even peruse) the code
that interfaces with the various APIs.


2011/4/11 Darren Gibbs <email@hidden>:
> I'm working on an iPad application that needs to play audio at variable speeds, both forward and reverse.  Being new to both iOS and Core Audio I'm wondering which level of API would be most appropriate to engage for implementing these features so I don't go too far down an unproductive path.
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