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Request For Help with port
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Request For Help with port

Hi all,

As most of you know, has recently release versions 6.9 and 7.0:

Torrey Lyons, who has been doing a fantastic job of maintaining both the and Xfree86 ports for Mac OS X, has gotten a little busy with other things lately, and suggested I ask the community for help with these ports.  The specific things he could use help with are:

1.   Porting R7's new modular build system (any autoconf gurus out there?)

2.  Testing/cleaning up the GLX libraries

3.  Testing and productizing Apple's X11 UI 

4.  Finishing the implementation of  Full Screen <-> Shared Screen switching

Apologies if I garbled anything he told me.  At any rate, if any of you have some time over the next week/month and would like to help, please reply here or contact him directly (CC-ed above).

- Ernie P.

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