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Serial devices and cups printing
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Serial devices and cups printing


I'm working on a driver for a USB to serial device. I based my work on the AppleCDC sample code.
Everything works great so far. Now I'm trying to print to a serial printer using the cups & gimp printing framework.
I'm select my serial port in the Advanced Device List of the Printer Setup Utility.
For some strange reason the device URI is fax://dev/myserial.
When doing the same on a machine with a build in serial port I get serial://dev/modem.
When I manually change the URI to serial I get a permission denied error when the port gets be opened.
Here are my questions:

1) What do I need to do to get my device to identified as a serial instead of a fax device. What kind of call is the cups driver making to the device to determine this?
2) Any idea why I can not simply change the fax:// URI to serial://?



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