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Re: Catching signal errors
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Re: Catching signal errors

void fatalSigHandler(int sig, siginfo_t* info, void* context)
// We are very limited in what we are allowed to do in a signal handler. // Memory should not be allocated, and most libc functions should not be used.
static char sig_message[] = "Aborting: Fatal signal occurred!\n";

   write(1, sig_message, sizeof(sig_message));

Never call exit() from a signal handler. You want _Exit() instead. exit() will call atexit() handlers which will are likely not signal-safe. And you probably want to use fd 2 (stderr), instead of fd 1 in the write() call.

That said: if you're not going to add any more info in your signal handler, or do any cleanup like unlink() files, it may just be best to let it crash and generate a crash log.


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