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APSL 2.0 vs. APSL 1.x
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APSL 2.0 vs. APSL 1.x

I had hoped to get an at least semi-official response to the
question below, so I didn't think this was quite the right place
to post it.  But my three attempts at more official channels
failed, so here it is:

I want to be sure I correctly understand the terms of the APSL
as they apply to Libm 47.1 in darwin 10.3.7.

APSL 2.0 states in Sec. 7 that code under earlier versions of
the license may be modified and distributed under 2.0:

The code I'm interested in is part of complex.c, which is under
APSL 1.1, and does not include any statement about the validity
of future versions of the license.

On the other hand APSL 2.0 sits there on the Open Darwin website
at the gateway for downloading the source, and claims pretty
explicitly to rule.

Am I correct that APSL 2.0 can indeed be used with complex.c?


Earlier attempts to post:

1. From the "Contact ADC" button on the Darwin Open Source page:

This wound up at email@hidden, where you get to ask
questions only for money.  But their reply helpfully directed me
to email@hidden.

2. To email@hidden, which replied automatically
asking me to include "Resend" in the subject line and try again.
Upon doing so, I eventually got back a warning that the message
was refused by, and after several days, a
message that it really couldn't be delivered.

3. To email@hidden, which was a link on the
Darwin Q&A page:

It immediately bounced with a notice that the user askdarwin is

For future reference, maybe somebody knows where I should have

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