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Fwd: Pointer on howto provide a /dev/node
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Fwd: Pointer on howto provide a /dev/node

I had this on darwin-userlevel which is not right says It
should go here.

For some of my usb toys I'd like to provide the data on /dev nodes cause
there is a similar interface structure for programs on linux.

So I have working usb drivers using IOKit (in an userland app).
Now I'd like provide that data in /dev with a userland daemon instead.

Where can read something about this ? I'd prefer some short words on

-       what functions to call for registering the node in devfs
( usr/.../miscfs/devfs/) give me not really a clue on the steps.*

-       where and what function under which name (r,w,ioctl) to implement so
that the node and its code get called if someone opens the filenode and freads.

*IOSerial~ show some steps how to mount something in /dev via IOKit but that
seems to be kernel - I#d prefer a userland process.

thx, Hado

Hado Hein, Berlin, Fed.Rep. of Germany (software authoring, including stage lighting)
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