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"Purity" patches for IOKitUser, launchd, objc4
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"Purity" patches for IOKitUser, launchd, objc4

Darwin community,

as you might have experienced, the current published sources of some
Darwin 9 projects, including such essential ones as IOKitUser,
launchd, objc4 currently have build- or runtime dependencies on
projects that are not part of Darwin.

It looks like patching the respective sources to remove the non-Darwin
dependencies is the most pragmatic approach at this time. Hence,
Aladin from the PureDarwin project has made available a series of

You can use the following plist to have DarwinBuild use the patches:

For more detailed instructions on how to use it, please see

While these patches might not be the cleanest way of doing things,
they appear to work as intended. We'd appreciate your feedback and
contributions. The PureDarwin project is open to everyone who helps to
make Darwin more usable.

Of course we still hope that the Apple-provided Darwin sources will
not contain build- or runtime dependencies ("impurities") to projects
that are unavailable to Darwin in the future, removing the need for
such patches going forward.


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