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file offset of __DATA, __bss and __common
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file offset of __DATA, __bss and __common

Following is the output from 'size -m -l XUL'. For the life of me I cannot figure out the file offset of the __DATA, __bss and __DATA, __common sections.

I tried to use heuristics to divine the file offsets but I seem to end up in the __LINKEDIT segment :-(.

Do I correctly understand that __DATA, __data = __bss + __common?

	Thanks, Joel


Segment __TEXT: 18673664 (vmaddr 0x0 fileoff 0)
	Section __text: 13477360 (addr 0x1470 offset 5232)
	Section __symbol_stub1: 9234 (addr 0xcdba60 offset 13482592)
	Section __stub_helper: 27718 (addr 0xcdde72 offset 13491826)
	Section __const: 1119212 (addr 0xce4ac0 offset 13519552)
	Section __cstring: 436667 (addr 0xdf5eb0 offset 14638768)
	Section __dof_mozilla: 2316 (addr 0xe60870 offset 15075440)
	Section __gcc_except_tab: 72218 (addr 0xe6117c offset 15077756)
	Section __unwind_info: 224100 (addr 0xe72bbc offset 15150012)
	Section __eh_frame: 3299552 (addr 0xea9720 offset 15374112)
	total 18668377
Segment __DATA: 1814528 (vmaddr 0x11cf000 fileoff 18673664)
	Section __nl_symbol_ptr: 1136 (addr 0x11cf000 offset 18673664)
	Section __la_symbol_ptr: 12312 (addr 0x11cf470 offset 18674800)
	Section __dyld: 16 (addr 0x11d2488 offset 18687112)
	Section __mod_init_func: 1504 (addr 0x11d2498 offset 18687128)
	Section __const: 1567536 (addr 0x11d2a80 offset 18688640)
	Section __cfstring: 3232 (addr 0x13515b0 offset 20256176)
	Section __objc_data: 1760 (addr 0x1352250 offset 20259408)
	Section __objc_msgrefs: 10208 (addr 0x1352930 offset 20261168)
	Section __objc_selrefs: 368 (addr 0x1355110 offset 20271376)
	Section __objc_classrefs: 1528 (addr 0x1355280 offset 20271744)
	Section __objc_superrefs: 160 (addr 0x1355878 offset 20273272)
	Section __objc_const: 12912 (addr 0x1355918 offset 20273432)
	Section __objc_classlist: 176 (addr 0x1358b88 offset 20286344)
	Section __objc_catlist: 56 (addr 0x1358c38 offset 20286520)
	Section __objc_protolist: 24 (addr 0x1358c70 offset 20286576)
	Section __objc_imageinfo: 8 (addr 0x1358c88 offset 20286600)
	Section __data: 106632 (addr 0x1358ca0 offset 20286624)
	Section __bss: 61412 (addr 0x1372d40 offset 0)
	Section __common: 29384 (addr 0x1381d40 offset 0)
	total 1810364
Segment __LINKEDIT: 19382272 (vmaddr 0x138a000 fileoff 20393984)
total 39870464

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