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TCP socket filter and control/flags params to sf_data functions
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TCP socket filter and control/flags params to sf_data functions

Hi list,

I have read Network Kernel Extensions Programming Guide along with
TCPlognke sample code and I have one, hopefully simple question.

If I have a socket filter running on TCP protocol only (IPv4/IPv6),
do I have to bother with mbuf_t control and sflt_data_flags_t flags
parameters to sf_data_in_func/sf_data_out_func? Documentation to
sf_data_in_func also says, that in the data buffer, control data may
appear in the mbuf chain. Is this relevant for TCP?

I want to pass only data to user space process (possibly modifying the
data) and I don't want to keep a copy in kernel just to keep the flags
and control mbuf.

I haven't found any documentation discussing this in any more detail and
I'm not aware of any such control/flags used on top of TCP. Can I just
ignore these two and set them to 0 when re-injecting data? TCPlognke is
dealing with them.

Thanks a lot,


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