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Re: Alternative to bootstrap_register?
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Re: Alternative to bootstrap_register?

On 17.11.2009, at 20:05, Alastair Houghton wrote:
> That is, use a server to register and name your send rights.
> As Tyler Sample pointed out to me today, you *could* use the bootstrap server for that purpose, but it's a little evil because you need to use bootstrap_register() (or something similar), and putting random ports in the bootstrap namespace seems a little evil to me.  I prefer the separate server approach.

 Well, that'd mean we'd be writing potentially security-unsafe root-daemon code (in addition to our other two executables). I'd rather trust Apple wrote their bootstrap server correctly (and it gets exercised a lot more than we alone could do it).

 Can you elaborate what you mean by "putting random ports in the bootstrap namespace" seeming to be "evil"? It seems to me it was made for exactly that?

-- Uli Kusterer
"The witnesses of TeachText are everywhere..."

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