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Re: error -10810
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Re: error -10810

On 5 Sep 2009, at 20:27, Terry Lambert wrote:

Not really. There is a bug in the "expect" they ship that eats a process slot per run because it doesn't actually check the test output fully.

The expect I'm using is the one bundled with dev tools / OSX .
If there's a wrapper which exhibits a known bug - then perhaps I could look at fixing it if it's Open... 
frankly the check part of the process is the largest burden as thing stand,

** I've repeated the effect but I can't see the bogey using either ps or activity monitor...

( I also confirm that I can launch new non-gui processes at will )

I could not see a plethora of zombies (or indeed any other sufficient number of processes to exceed the system limits) with the ps line you gave.

* Nor was anything stopping me from launching non-GUI processes. *

I'm working with gcc-svn-trunk and there are some code-generation hassles right now so it's possible that the nasty is a result of those.

indeed the problem has "gone away" with an update .. and I do not have resources to replicate it at present. 

In that respect, apologies for "noise".

However, there is an implication that a non-priv user program can (perhaps under pathological circumstances) damage a shared resource (only a hunch, of course).    If it should occur again I will freeze a copy of the binaries.

again thanks for your help,
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