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Re: kqueue and resource forks
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Re: kqueue and resource forks

On Sep 10, 2009, at 4:30 PM, Steve Gehrman wrote:
I'm pretty sure this worked in 10.5. One 10.6 i set kqueues to watch a file. If I modify the resource fork or add or delete the fork, the kqueue event doesn't fire and I don't get notified to update.

This is on a normal HFS+ volume, so it's not doing the ._ file

Anyone know if this was a change in 10.6? I don't remember getting bug reports for my 10.5 builds.

You have it backwards.

I'm pretty sure this did not work in 10.5, except on UFS, and that doesn't natively support resource forks.

In 10.6, we actually added support for a lot of FS-level kevents at the VNOP_ KPI layer, which means that they'll apply to all filesystems equally, but probably still not resource forks individually (part of the removal of UFS support was to support these events for programs that needed them on non-UFS FS types.

If you are getting errors now, it's probably because you asked for events before that it was impossible for you to get except on UFS in 10.5, and now you are getting them for HFS+, and aren't reacting correctly to them occurring. Generally, if something doesn't work, you shouldn't be asking for it in old software, in case it starts working in new software. I expect if you were to try this on 10.5 on UFS, you'd see the same sort of things.

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 >kqueue and resource forks (From: Steve Gehrman <email@hidden>)

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