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Re: tmpfs in Darwin?
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Re: tmpfs in Darwin?

On Sunday, Sep 12, 2004, at 03:51 Australia/Sydney, Micke Moggia wrote:

Hi all!

Have just discovered the filesystem tmpfs in Linux. It works like a RAM disk but better. Se this article:

I have thousands and thousand of small cache files that I don't want to be written to the disk, and if I create a traditional RAM disk in OS X there is a lot of overhead, cause the filesystem will cache all files twice.

Does anyone know if there is a tmpfs-like filesystem for OS X?

Slightly OT, since I believe these tools don't exist in Darwin... Checkout the manpage for hdid(8):

              hdid -nomount ram://<sectors>

       will attach a ram disk that can be mounted and used  after
       being  formatted with a newfs utility or Disk
       A sector is 512 bytes.

       A small shell script to create and mount a ram disk:


              mydev=`hdid -nomount ram://$NUMSECTORS`
              newfs_hfs $mydev
              mkdir /tmp/mymount
              mount -t hfs $mydev /tmp/mymount


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