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RE: [Fed-Talk] IPad cost comparison (UNCLASSIFIED)
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RE: [Fed-Talk] IPad cost comparison (UNCLASSIFIED)

Note, the STIG is still a DRAFT!  At least DoD is moving in the right


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From: Lenox, Billy AMRDEC/Sentient Corp.
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2011 2:22 PM
To: Apple Fed Talk
Subject: Re: [Fed-Talk] IPad cost comparison (UNCLASSIFIED)

Really don't know why they are not approved if there is a DISA Stig for

> From: Rex Sanders <email@hidden>
> Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 10:02:11 -0700
> To: Apple Fed Talk <email@hidden>
> Subject: Re: [Fed-Talk] IPad cost comparison (UNCLASSIFIED)
> I don't know the rules for "Made in USA", so consider this a thought
> exercise.
> This graphic describes component costs and manufacturing cost for the
> iPad 2:
> Releases/2011-03-12_iPad
> png
> Virtually none of the components are made in USA (some have never been
> made in USA), so estimating their costs if made here would be
> The manufacturing cost of $10 probably corresponds to labor costs in
> China.
> What if we assembled these components in USA?
> Using numbers from BLS:
> In 2008 (last year of roughly comparable data), Chinese urban workers
> cost $2.36 per hour, USA manufacturing workers cost $32.23 per hour,
> or about 13.6 times more.
> If assembled in USA, then the price of an iPad 2 might go up $126 if
> passed through without markup, or 18% to 25% depending on the model.
> =====
> This topic often falls under Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliance and
> other procurement rules.
> Recent story on that topic for iPads:
> "iPhones and iPads, however, are not available on the General Services
> Administration's Federal Supply Schedules, which are contracts
> available for use by any federal agency, because of a special legal
> quirk. Those products are manufactured in China, which is not in
> compliance with the Trade Agreement Act, and so not on the schedules,
> said David Peters, program manager for GSA's Network Programs."
> -- Rex
> On Jul 29, 2011, at 9:13 AM, Pike, Michael (IHS/HQ) wrote:
>> I dont think its off topic... believe it or not the whole "Made In
>> China" was a basis one of our procurement people made for not
>> ordering macs a few years back.  Apple used to have a special part
>> number for items that would classify as "made in the usa" but I do
>> not know if they still do that.
>> mike
>> On Jul 29, 2011, at 10:06 AM, Blankenship, Bob J Mr CTR US USA IMCOM
>> wrote:
>>> Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
>>> Caveats: NONE
>>> Has anyone seen any data on how much cost increase on products
>>> there would
>>> be if it was manufactured in the United States compared to overseas
>>> such as
>>> the iPad? Would it be in the range of say 10% more or a 40%
>>> increase in
>>> cost. Guess you might say this post is off topic but thought I
>>> would give it
>>> a try.
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 >Re: [Fed-Talk] IPad cost comparison (UNCLASSIFIED) (From: Rex Sanders <email@hidden>)
 >Re: [Fed-Talk] IPad cost comparison (UNCLASSIFIED) (From: "Lenox, Billy AMRDEC/Sentient Corp." <email@hidden>)

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