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Re: PackageMaker installer leaves "DiskManagementTool" process running
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Re: PackageMaker installer leaves "DiskManagementTool" process running

This is/was a known bug fixed in 10.4 and later.

Hello forum,

When I run a PackageMaker installer on a MacOS X 10.3.9 system, I can see that it starts a “DiskManagementTool” process.

After the installer does it’s “Optimizing System Performance”, this current “DiskManagementTool” is killed, but a new one is created and not killed anymore.

This could result (in my case, installing several beta versions of my own installer), in a number of “DiskManagementTool” processes eating 1 MB real memory and 28 MB of virtual memory (now this is not a real problem on my 8 GB internal memory Mac...).

For your understanding, this happens with all installer applications I run, not only my own, but also official Apple (like GarageBand) installers.

Could anyone tell me what could be the problem here of is it a bug in the PackageMaker/Installer application?

Best regards,


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