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Re: OpenSSL -> Secure Transport for libevent2
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Re: OpenSSL -> Secure Transport for libevent2

On 15 Jun 2015, at 11:11, John Pannell <email@hidden> wrote:

> Apple stopped shipping OpenSSL with OS X some time ago, citing lack of a stable API from version to version.

It's a bit more subtle than that:

o Apple deprecated its OpenSSL shared libraries a while back (with OS X 10.7).  That's because OpenSSL doesn't offer release-to-release binary compatibility, so we can't update the shared libraries to the latest OpenSSL without breaking all the existing clients.

o At the same time we marked the OpenSSL headers in the OS X SDK as deprecated so you'd get deprecation warnings if you build with a deployment target of 10.7 or later.

o With the latest OS X SDK we've removed the headers entirely, making it much harder to use the long-since-deprecated shared libraries.

o We recommend that developers who need OpenSSL build their own copy of it and include that copy in their app.  Alternatively you can use native OS X APIs, like Secure Transport.

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