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Re: Warning: Request will be REDIRECTED to non-refusing instance
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Re: Warning: Request will be REDIRECTED to non-refusing instance

Hi Daniel,

At 10:44 PM 24/09/2003 +0200, Daniel Muller wrote:
>Chuck Hill <email@hidden> wrote:
>Hi Chuck,
>> Is that the first request?  If so, you can try increasing the app launch
>> time in JavaMonitor (I forget what it is called exactly).  Also, if you are
>> restarting all 10 apps at once that might be too much.  Try doing 5 then
>> another 5 an hour later or something like that.  This will also prevent
>> service outages.
>Normally the application is set to use phase startup with 90 sec. between
fire. So I will check that carefully.
Maybe try increasing this to 120 sec and see if there is any difference.

>> >I've changed
>> >the minimum sessions to 10 like that wotaskd is able to restart
>> >instances every day.
>> >
>> That will kill ten active users...
>Yes, but normally librarians don't work so early... ;-) they have regular
Must be nice work.  ;-)

>> >Is it possible to get a thread dump of deployed instance?
>> >
>> Deployed on what?  You can do it with a kill signal on UNIX.  On Windows,
>> there is no way.  Another, perhaps better, alternative is it launch the
>> apps so that you can connect with a remote debugger.  Then you can get all
>> the info you need.
>Deploy on OS X Server. I tried the "kill -3 {pid}" to dump the threads states
>but nothing in my log file. I suppose the stdout is not redirected to a file
>or if it's the case I don't know which one! I will investigate more about
>this very useful facility.
Hmmm, that reminds me of something....  Yep, Wojtek posted this solution a
while back:

Theoretically you can do kill -QUIT <jvmpid> to see the list of JVM
threads, and (since 1.4) deadlocks:

===  Go to appropriate dir
# cd

=== Original file (Apple)
# cat

$@ 1>/dev/null 2>&1 &

=== Modified by me  (not the best choice of files)
# cat

$@ 1>>/var/log/webobjects.log 2>>/var/log/webobjects.err &

=== Now signal
# kill -QUIT 19466

=== Et voilla, trace is back
# tail /var/log/webobjects.log
        at Application.main(
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
        at com.webobjects._bootstrap.WOBootstrap.main(

"VM Thread" prio=1 tid=0x808ae88 nid=0x4c47 runnable

"VM Periodic Task Thread" prio=1 tid=0x80958f8 nid=0x4c4a waiting on monitor
"Suspend Checker Thread" prio=1 tid=0x8096290 nid=0x4c4b runnable

>> >I've a ILLRequestLock table used when I have to lock
>> >a ILLRequest row to allow only one writer and many readers.
>> >
>> Won't EOF's optimistic locking handle this?
>Yes but only when the changes are saved. I show another page when the
>ILLRequest is locked just to warn the user that he/she can't modify it,
>otherwise the first user can edit the ILLRequest until he saves the
>changes. It's why I have to unlock the ILLRequests when the session
>terminates because sometimes people go to the previous page or just
>close the window!

>> >Is it required to lock/unlock editing context where all the entities
>> >are read-only in EOModeler?
>> >
>> Yes, unless you have them in teh EOSharedEditingContext.
>Why? I load EOs in a normal EC without EOSharedEditingContext,
>I never change EOs, they come from another database (using a fetchspec)
>and I've set the read only option for all entities in the EO Model
>(the model is different for this particular database)
EOSharedEditingContext gets locked for you.  Otherwise, read only or not,
you really should lock the editing contexts.  Maybe nothing bad will happen
in this case, but locking won't hurt.



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 >Re: Warning: Request will be REDIRECTED to non-refusing instance (From: Daniel Muller <email@hidden>)

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