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Out of Memory? Invalidate them objects!(?)
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Out of Memory? Invalidate them objects!(?)

My app has a batch loading function where a user can
upload a tab-delimited file which is then parsed and
EOs created and saved from the contents.

When I originally wrote the batch loading function, I
was passing the user's
session().defaultEditingContext() to do the
inserting/fetching/saving. That worked fine. I was
able to parse a file with 40K+ record and create all
the appropriate EOs no problem.

Then I thought it might be a better idea to have the
batch loader object use its own Editing Context and
also use a nested editing context where each
inidividual record would be parsed and an EO created
in the child context that would then save to the
parent EC (to get the validations), and then every 25
lines the parent EC would itself save to the
underlying objectstore and on into the database.

In my current configuration, for each record a new
child EC is created while the parent EC exists for the
duration of the load. The Child EC is locked as soon
as it is created and when I'm done with the line I
childEC = null;

So this goes on and on, but the application slows down
and eventually it crashes with

That was a head-scratcher. Eventually after
researching the lists, I tried something that had
worked for someone else. After the save of the
parentEC, I call
parentEC.rootObjectStore().invalidateAllObjects(). My
assumption, based on my limited knowledge, was that
during the batch load, all the EOs I was creating were
hanging around in the underlying ObjectStore rather
than being garbage collected and that eventually the
memory just filled up. This solution did work - no out
of memory error.

So my question is, is the defaultEditingContext doing
something to prevent this memory hogging that I'm just
not aware of? Because, again, I did not have to
invalidateAllObjects in order to get everything to
work when all I did was use the

Jason McInnes
2 Degrees
Cell: 206.849.3680
Email: email@hidden

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