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RE: Xcode 2.4 Deprecation Announcements
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RE: Xcode 2.4 Deprecation Announcements

With the release of Xcode 2.4, the "About Xcode Tools.pdf" document contains a deprecation notice that directly affects WebOjects development.  This notice reads:

NOTE: As of the release of Xcode 2.4, the Cocoa Java bridge has been deprecated.  This means that, while still supported with Xcode 2.4, future releases of Xcode may not support the bridge or other dependent features.  Due to this, the following additional WebObjects developer applications are also being deprecated: 
EOModeler Plugin 
WebObjects Builder 
WebServices Assistant 

This also means that the Xcode Java bridge templates have been deprecated, and should not be used for new Java bridge-based development.

Deprecation does not mean that support is immediately ending for these tools.  Fully supported versions of these tools shipped in August with the new version of Xcode 2.4 and Apple will continue to support them well into the future.  Any code built using these deprecated tools will continue to run on Leopard so your applications will not break.  We are giving this notice so that developers will have ample time to evaluate and implement alternatives.

At WWDC 2006 we talked with the community to put this announcement in the proper context of the ongoing strategy for WebObjects.  This deprecation notice signals that moving forward we will be putting our engineering efforts firmly into the runtime engine of WebObjects.  Additionally, we will be providing assistance to the community in the form of specifications, example code, and other contributions that will further bolster existing and new open source tools.

Apple's strategy is to make WebObjects the best server-side runtime environment we can by:
- Improving performance, manageability, and standards compliance
- Making WO work well with ANT and the most popular IDEs, including Xcode and Eclipse
- Opening and making public all standards and formats that WO depends upon

We view the WebObjects community as a partner in creating great development and client-side WebObjects tools, however we do not officially endorse any specific project and want to encourage variety  within the community.  We will work to assist the community where technical assistance or specifications are needed and have already been working with several open source projects.  This will become public soon.

We are making these changes with the clear goal of boosting WebObjects, allocating resources to improve the platform at a more rapid pace, and to better react to your needs.  

We look forward to delivering to you a vibrant, continually-improving WebObjects.

Thank you,

The WebObjects Team at Apple Computer
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