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Fwd: Problem generating pdf using apache FOP - PLEASE REPLY
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Fwd: Problem generating pdf using apache FOP - PLEASE REPLY

hi Mark, Chuck and Jean.

thanks fou your replies

I checked and recheched all outputs from data store (openbase) to intermediate XML and finally PDF

The distaster appear just after the "SimpleTrasformation", may be two time UTF-8 reencoded.

The data in database is UTF-8, after serialization is ok
after silmpleTrasformation, is bad.

How to set Trasformation to not convert again?

On 07/ott/06, at 00:08, Chuck Hill wrote:

It sounds to me like you have an encoding problem, mixing UTF-8 and some other encoding. I am not sure where that is coming from though.


On Oct 6, 2006, at 1:50 PM, Amedeo Mantica wrote:

Dear WebObjects collegues,

sorry for reposting this question, but I'm unable to solve.

I tried everithing, but I get strings such "\000d" instead if carriage return in generated pdf files and also wrong accented letters.

I followed the Practical WeboOjects XML output Chapter (Generating PDF from XML)

Any suggestion?


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