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Reading NSData from a file
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Reading NSData from a file

I'm trying to read a file into a variable of type NSData.  According to the docs on NSData I should be able to use this:

public NSData(InputStream inputStream, int chunkSize)
       throws IOException

FileInputStream is a subclass of InputStream, so I tried this:

    FileInputStream fileInputStream = new FileInputStream("/tmp/WOtmpfile");
NSData imageThumbData = NSData(fileInputStream, 1000);

(values just for mucking around purposes)

But it doesn't take it - says the method NSData(FileInputStream,int) is undefined.

What I'm trying to do here is to read back in the results of having run convert on an uploaded image file and making a thumbnail from it.  The files are being written only for the convenience of convert, so if I could get out of writing them that would be all the better.

Any suggestions?



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