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got emacs key binding for component editor in Eclipse!
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got emacs key binding for component editor in Eclipse!

I asked the list about emacs key binding for component editor in Eclipse,
and the only response I got is that it's not doable...a bug has been filed.
So I assume that this could be handy for some:

I got emacs key binding to work in component editor in Eclipse! :-)

1. Go to Preferences -> General -> Keys

2. Change Scheme to Emacs if you haven't done so already, so you can easily
spot the emacs key bindings.

3. Sort by Category and look at the "Text Editing" categories

4. Find the commands that you care about, e.g. Next Column, Previous Column

5. Select that command and click "Copy Command"

6. Set the binding to the key by pressing the keys, e.g. press Control-f to
generate "^F".

7. Change "When:" to "Editing Components".

8. Repeat for all the key bindings you care about.

That's it! Emacs key bindings in component editor! :-)


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