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Re: Speeding up remote GUI apps - colour depth or other ideas?
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Re: Speeding up remote GUI apps - colour depth or other ideas?

Title: Re: Speeding up remote GUI apps - colour depth or other id

Thanks for everyone's suggestions.

The reason I've come down this route is the VNC viewer or server would freeze after a few minutes use, so I thought to try run the X11 GUI applications "directly".

By luck I left the viewer open and while moving files from the Desktop to folders using the command-line and noticed that the vncviewer updated the screen to indicate that they'd been moved. So, I concluded that most likely what was happening was that the viewer/server was giving up on mouse events somehow, rather than freezing outright.

(Any comments on that are welcome.)

I'm trying vncviewer -x11cursor in the hope that this might help (so far, good). Passing vncviewer 'grabKeyboard: true' also might be worth a try.

VNC does work well when it does, although the fonts are tiny!

I will look into NX or LBX when I have time as I rather like the idea of running the application "directly" on the Apple Desktop.

Chris -- I like nEdit too, but I use TextWrangler's (or BBEdit's) ftp mode which is fine as long as the files aren't huge.


I have generally found two solutions for this:

1.  VNC - Run a vncserver on the host computer that's running the X11 apps and the viewer on the client system.  I do software development on a Linux server running at work while displaying on my Mac via X11.  In lower bandwidth situations, VNC makes that much more tolerable.

2.  LBX - Low Bandwidth X11 -
Basically the idea behind LBX is that X11 applications send and receive a large amount of meaningless event information and that causes issues on low-bandwidth network connections.  These events are sent regardless of color-depth and that is probably why changing your color depth hasn't made any difference.  LBX strips out the  unnecessary events and thus lowers the bandwidth requirements.

Setup for LBX is a bit more difficult than a VNC server, but allows you to run your X11 applications side-by-side with your regular applications.

In the end, the biggest change I made was going from using NEdit as my editor to vim.  That reduced my bandwidth requirements by a TON. :)

Hope this helps and good luck.

     - Chris
On 10/18/07, Grant Jacobs <email@hidden > wrote:

I've been trying, very unsuccessfully, to speed up access to GUI apps
over X11 over VPN via the local broadband (which isn't that great).
My current attempts are based around trying to persuade X to use a
shallower colour depth, figuring that will reduce network traffic (?).

I've tried altering the colour depth preferences (in
Preferences>Ouput) & restarting X11 to make them active and also via
using defaults write 15 (which I presume is essentially
the same thing). Neither seems to make any difference--the apps still
open painfully slowly on the local machine regardless of what I do
and always seem to show the full colour depth AFAICT by eye
regardless of the colur depth setting.

I'd welcome any suggestions.

Grant Jacobs                   email@hidden
Dunedin,                              ph. +64 3 478 0095
NEW ZEALAND.                         fax. +64 3 470 0095
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