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Re: emacs in Mac OS X
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Re: emacs in Mac OS X

Just one comment:
DISPLAY needs to be set!  Don't forget that bit.

export DISPLAY=:0

On Oct 24, 2007, at 8:27 AM, email@hidden wrote:

My iMac is just a few weeks old.

I've installed the X11 and X11 SDK packages and have not
modified any environment setting files yet.

When I read the man page for emacs on this machine, it
seems to say it is a version that recognizes X11 running
and takes advantage of that. However it only seems to run
a terminal version when I execute the emacs command from
an X11 xterm session.

Am I missing some environment variable this emacs needs,
or does the iMac standard distribution only come with a
terminal-only emacs?


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