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Re: X11 in Leopard: xterm on start-up
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Re: X11 in Leopard: xterm on start-up

Hi Lev,

Dear All,

I think developers
in Apple must respond to this: _*lack of documentation*_.

I have to admit it one things I'd be interested in taking on myself. Paid, of course. Hell, even well paid! :-) One of my long-time "itches"--documentation... What can we say? Like a lot of people I can't count of the number of hours I've lost because it wasn't explained. No project is complete until the documentation is done IMO and done well at that. Done well, it can be good for the development process too, although that has to be fitted in before tearing off on the job.

Although the windows system on the MAC is great, I switched to it because I wanted to run Linux
applications and Office on the same platform without rebooting the machine. I think Apple underestimates
this kind of people and (like Microsoft) focuses its efforts in attracting customers running Aqua only.

I would think Apple pretty much has to focus on what it perceives to be its main customer base, which will be home users and the like. I think its easy for us long-time people to forget we're horribly outnumbered :-) To some extent the powers-that-be will be relying on our better skills to figure it all out while Apple's senior types worry about the unsullied masses ;-)


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