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Re: X11 in Leopard: xterm on start-up
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Re: X11 in Leopard: xterm on start-up

On Oct 28, 2007, at 2:25 AM, lev wrote:

Dear All,

I am not a system developer but rather a theoretical physicist working many years with Linux
(you may not remember this: from the time it was distributed on 10-20 disketes!)

Oh, I remember -- I got my first copy of Linux by mailing a QIC-80 tape cartridge, along with return postage and maybe $5 to a BBS operator. A few weeks later, I got the tape back with a copy of SLS -- something like this:

30 disks! I should point out that 1/3 of that was X11. The current X11 system shipping with 10.5 is built from about 230 individual source packages.

and now using a MAC as my laptop, but what I noticed from all these discussions is very warring, and I think developers
in Apple must respond to this: _*lack of documentation*_. These discussions do remind me early years
of Linux when nobody actually knew anything and all was based on guesses and workarounds.
Are we not supposed to be in a different world by now? Are real developers responsible for Leopard
reading these emails? Ben - are you the one or you are not employed by Apple? OS X is based on darwin but I am not sure about
your actual relationship with Apple.

I thought my signature made that clear; sorry. I work in the BSD Technology Group, part of the CoreOS division at Apple; we work on the BSD userland environment of OS X, and that includes I am also (currently) the lead maintainer of the XDarwin branch of the open- source project, on which is based. (This is mostly out of necessity -- until I l took it on, there was nobody to hold that position.)

What kind of documentation would you like to see?  Man pages, tutorials?

CoreOS / BSD Technology Group

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