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Re: X11 in Leopard: xterm on start-up
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Re: X11 in Leopard: xterm on start-up

On Oct 28, 2007, at 6:27 PM, Ben Byer wrote:

Noted. If you want to make sure this is officially recognized, please file a bug a You will get a note back saying this is a duplicate of a known issue, but your vote will be counted.

I've filed a bug report for the middle mouse button click, thanks for pointing that out.

However I actually think a far more serious question is the interaction of Spaces and X11 which to be completely honest, is utterly broken. I've reported this bug with an explanation of how to reproduce is (ID #5564366). I think getting Spaces and X11 to play well together is a very high priority, mainly because those of us who were UNIX types that moved to Mac are used to having Virtual Desktops that work (I've been using Desktop Manager on OS X for the last few years), and right now Leopard doesn't have that.

Out of interest, it looks like quartz-wm hasn't been touched in a while, it still has the Tiger style window decorations and drop shadows on Leopard for example. Is an update in the works? I ask because I wonder if the issues with Spaces can be resolved by updating quartz-wm.

I've got to report to my IT manager tomorrow that he can't go ahead and install Leopard on our Macs (all scientific workstations used for Astrophysics research, so a lot of X11 use) because of the X11 issues. Shame really because the rest of the UNIX stuff in Leopard is great (I particularly like the fact its a damn sight easier to do NFS exports now for example).


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