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garbled display window in vis5d since x11-2.3.1
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garbled display window in vis5d since x11-2.3.1

I use an older 3D data visualization software package called Vis5d+ ( ) and something in X11 after version 2.2.3 causes wild behavior in the background of its output window. When vis5d launches, the background of the output window, which should be just black, is getting seemingly random bits of images from other parts of the screen. It can even get parts of documents that were displayed previous to the last reboot. And these random image bits are scattered and flickering within the window. Vis5d can still draw its objects in the window, but redrawing does not remove old images.

I had not upgraded from 2.2.3 (xorg-server 1.3.0-apple21) because it was working fine, but the recent 10.5.7 update must have included some X11 updates (XQuartz 2.1.6, xorg-server 1.4.2-apple33). This problem appears on my MacPro (dual quad 3.2GHz), but seems not to have affected my MacBook Pro. I downgraded my MacPro to 2.2.3, and it is fine again. One more curiosity is that using screen sharing from the macpro to a MacbookPro does _not_ show the problem. (i.e., the flickering display window on the MacPro looked normal via screensharing.) Furthermore, screenshots (fullscreen, window only, and picture dump from vis5d) show only what is supposed to be drawn on the window, so I took a picture with my iSight to show the problem.

Any ideas??? Could it be that X11 might be working correctly but that Vis5d has old/unsafe code that no longer behaves correctly?


-- Ted

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