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I'm getting this error in the gdb console. I have no idea what it means.

I don't actually use addObject anywhere in my project, that's the oddest thing. And also, this doesn't tell me on which line the error occurs.

To me, it sounds like an internal error to Xcode. But I could be wrong. I'd rather it was Xcode being unable to handle an error in my code, as that way I'd be able to fix it instantly instead of waiting months for Apple to fix Xcode.

Like I said, I have no idea what this means. It says CStdioFile, which is a class that I defined, which is subclassed off of CFile, which is an abstract class I defined. Apart from recognising one name in this text, I understand nothing.

Well that's it for today, my progress coding has been stopped by Xcode, and I cannot continue using Xcode for any development for my company until this problem is resolved.

Exception name: NSInvalidArgumentException, reason:*** -[NSCFArray addObject:]: attempt to insert nil
Parser (0x4b7f350)
parse buffer:
'9544^done,statics=[varobj={exp="_ZTI10CStdioFile",value="{...}",name="v ar8",numchild="0",type="const struct __si_class_type_info_pseudo",typecode="STRUCT",dynamic_type="",in_scope= "true",block_start_addr="no block",block_end_addr="no block"},varobj={exp="_ZTS10CStdioFile",value="[13]",name="var9",numchild ="13",type="const char [13]",typecode="ARRAY",dynamic_type="",in_scope="true",block_start_addr= "no block",block_end_addr="no block"},varobj={exp="metadataindex",value="0",name="var10",numchild="0", type="int",typecode="INT",dynamic_type="",in_scope="true",block_start_ad dr="no block",block_end_addr="no block"}]

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