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lipo doesn't touch (in the timestamp modification sense) the output file?
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lipo doesn't touch (in the timestamp modification sense) the output file?

I am using lipo to create fat libraries (ppc & i386). It runs as part of
a script that is doing this for about a hundred libraries and executables.

For each individual lipo operation, I have two source libraries. One is
for ppc, and was built and checked in on 22 Feb 2006. The other is Intel
and was built 24 March 2006. When I combine them using lipo, the output
file has a 22 February 2006 timestamp. It doesn't seem to matter which
order I specify the two source libraries, the output always has the
earlier timestamp (and not the current timestamp).

The command looks like this:
lipo src1File src2File -create -output destFile

or this:
lipo src2File src1File -create -output destFile

I started to think I was going insane, because I modified the script to
remove any existing output file before doing the lipo, and the newly
created output file still had the 22 February 2006 timestamp. But I then
had the script remove the file and NOT do the lipo, and all of the
library files disappeared from the destination directory. This makes me
believe that I'm really doing the operation, and I'm looking at the
correct destination directory tree.

I can't find anything in the list archives that mentions this, so the
going insane diagnosis is still a possibility.

Is this what lipo is supposed to do? I can certainly touch the output
file if the lipo is successful, but I would expect the output to have a
current timestamp. I want to check in the fat libraries in place of the
original ppc-only versions, but the unchanging timestamp makes that a
problem. I'm doing this on an Intel iMac.


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