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strange "warning: operation on '...' may be undefined"
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strange "warning: operation on '...' may be undefined"


I'm trying to fix all my compile warnings, this is my last one and its got me stumped:

	"warning: operation on 'count' may be undefined"

The strange thing is the warning is only generated on the line shown below, while I am performing ++count elsewhere without generating a warning.

	This is in a .m file

CGPoint sampledPoints[size*2];
int count = 0;
sampledPoints[count].x = 0.0;
sampledPoints[count].y = (float)((buffer[0]*_size)/ _scale)+h/2;
sampledPoints[++count].x = 1 * xstep;
sampledPoints[count].y = (float)((buffer[1]*_size)/ _scale)+h/2;
UInt32 i;
for (i = 1; i < size; i+=_resolution){

sampledPoints[++count].x = sampledPoints[count-1].x; <<<<-- warning here

sampledPoints[count].y = sampledPoints[count-1].y;
sampledPoints[++count].x = (float)xstep * i;
sampledPoints[count].y = (float)((buffer[i]*_size)/ _scale)+h/2;

Any help much appreciated


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