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Re: Editor Tags
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Re: Editor Tags

> In the editor you can use //TODO:, // FIXME:, //MARK:, !!!:, ???:.  Anyone
> know where these are defined and can I add my own.
> In /Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DVTFoundation.framework/Resources/BaseSupport.xclangspec

Hey Chris, thanks.  Is that the best place?  In my notes I have
and there's a little more explanation in there:

        Identifier = "xcode.lang.comment.mark";
        Syntax = {
            StartChars = "MTF!?";
            Match = (
                "^MARK:[ \t]+\(.*\)$",
                "^\(TODO:[ \t]+.*\)$",       // include "TODO: " in
the markers list
                "^\(FIXME:[ \t]+.*\)$",      // include "FIXME: " in
the markers list
                "^\(!!!:.*\)$",              // include "!!!:" in the
markers list
                "^\(\\?\\?\\?:.*\)$"         // include "???:" in the
markers list
            // This is the order of captures. All of the match strings
above need the same order.
            CaptureTypes = (
            Type = "xcode.syntax.comment";

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